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Fanfiction Journal

Dauting's inner voice
23 February
External Services:
  • sakura_scout@livejournal.com
This is dauting's fanfiction journal.

You're free to friend me if you want, but I'm leaving all my entries public, so there really isn't a point.

The following stories' entries are fake!cut to my personal journal for the sake of having all comments to the stories in one place:

Look Over Here
Take Them Out
Public Displays of Affection
Hey, You Know ...
Bottled Message
This is Real
Just Want to Know
Shut Up
It Was a Change
Her Eyes

All future stories will be posted here under real cuts.

A word about the tags (found under 'Index' in the sidebar):

[character] = I'm listing all characters under their full names (if given). I am only tagging the fanfic main characters and supporting roles of significance, cameos do not count. OCs do not get tagged.
[fandom] = Duh.
[fic] = Whenever I decide to post multi-chapter stories, I'll list all the chapters under the story's title using this tag.
[nexus] = Stories that can be considered part of a series, but can stand alone.
[pairing] = You all have at least one, and if I don't have it, I'm sorry. I was inclined to do this under 'ship,' but wanted ratings to be last in the bracket tags.
[rating] = I'm following the Motion Picture Association of America Film Rating System (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17). Content warning will be given in the fic info before the cut for R and NC-17 fics.
challenge = I sometimes write fics for challenges when the prompts inspire me. I'll let you know which ones are those fics.
notice = just updates or something I think you guys should get a heads up on.